Coaching Approach

From senior executives to first-time managers and individual contributors, I coach people at all stages of their careers. My approach is client-centered and focused on the whole person. I partner with clients to animate strengths and guide the development of new behaviors and mindsets, so they achieve what matters to them most. A 30-year career in leading teams and managing business divisions along with a background in communications and the arts shapes how I partner with clients.

Coaching Process

I follow an individualized process that fosters insight and action—grounded in a client’s passion and goals. Coaching often complements an employer-sponsored leadership or professional development program. In such instances, I partner with coaching clients to integrate their goals with organizational performance and business objectives. And when appropriate, I work with others in their organization to gather feedback, align on objectives and monitor progress.

Understand the Past and Present
Articulate what is Desired
Imagine Outcomes as Desires Fulfilled
Define Goals to Reach Outcomes
Identify Barriers and Resources
Define New Actions and Behaviors
Behave in New Ways
Assess and Adjust
Confirm What Works
Turn New Behaviors into Habits

I coach clients towards a wide range of outcomes:

  • develop or evolve their leadership style
  • transition into an executive role
  • move from being a sole contributor to managing people
  • communicate with greater impact
  • think and act strategically
  • increase influence
  • focus their attention and optimize their time
  • get out in front of their work, instead of chasing it
  • navigate conflict and power imbalances
  • change ingrained ways of doing things
  • achieve results through collaboration and relationships
  • create teams
  • foster culture
  • speak the truth
  • hold themselves and others accountable

“Conquer others and you are strong. Conquer yourself and you are mighty.”

— Lao Tzu

Let’s talk about your goals

I help people and organizations animate their strengths to flourish and thrive.